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How to use Snapchat What is Snapchat?

How to use Snapchat What is Snapchat?

How to use Snapchat What is Snapchat? The answer to our questions. Snapshot is an application that we take photos and share. Child is the most popular photo messaging app of times. How does Snapchat work? Unknown at work ...

How to use Snapchat What is Snapchat?

How to use Snapchat Snapchat What is the answer to the questions we shared with you. Snapchat is one of the most popular applications in which social media is shared pictorially.

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a social messaging platform where users can take pictures, shoot videos, add notes on them and share all of them for a certain period of time (1-10 s).

What is Snapchat, how to use it?

How to use Snapchat

After opening a Snapchat account, you can start to use your own name, profile photo, waiting for me, friends and add friend menus on the kind screen that will come in front of you.

With the front and rear camera, you can take photos and play them on the photos and shape them into shape.

You can give effects by dragging videos and videos from right to left in 1-10 seconds.

With Snapchat, you can add emojis to your photos and videos and write to your friends.

After taking a photo or video, you can type the text by clicking on the 'T' button above and you can put it where you want with the drag & drop method.

According to your use of Snapchat, you are given an estimate of reward and points. Once you click on the awards, you can see what your reward means.

You can also chat with Snapchat at the same time. When you move the screen to the left, the chat screen comes directly to you. You can send the video in the photo through this place.

Sending Snapchatte video

While the picture is taken, you can take videos by pressing and holding the button. Like in the same pictures, there are also filters in videos. You can still bring your video fast or slow. Then, to share your video in your story, just press the button on the bottom right.

What does Snapchat do?

The video or photos you share with Snapchat, which is an instant messaging application, can be displayed for a short time and then deleted. With this application, users can send written texts, audio, photos or video. Shares that can be displayed for a predetermined period of time are deleted from users' devices with the Snapchat server. 70% of the practice is women and is preferred mostly in the UK and the USA.

How to use Snapchat What is Snapchat? We have presented the answer to your questions.
Updated: 22 Ekim 2018 — 03:35

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